John Lawrence - David Stanley - Mark Nelson

Signet Contemporary Art, Chelsea is proud to represent John Lawrence, David Stanley, Mark Nelson 7th-29th May  2016. The Art exhibition highlights three Contemporary Artists with very different approaches to Traditional Landscape.  

John Lawrence was born in Kent and first made a name for himself in the 1960s when he was commissioned by Wilkinson Sword to produce a set of engravings of ceremonial swords. Lawrence has a passion for boats and has been drawing them since he was six. Marine scenes continue to be a big part of Lawrence’s work along with landscapes and townscapes. Lawrence paints mainly from life and invites viewers of his work to share the moment and feel the cold splash of the sea or the warmth of the sun, which he has skilfully captured on canvas.

David Stanley, Painter and Printmaker, is based in the north of England. Working almost exclusively in acrylic paint and is a member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts (MAFA). David Stanley's empirical use of colour and form becomes the very substance and structure of his paintings rather than an illustration of it.

Lancashire born and bred,Mark Nelson is proud of his northern heritage “ My paintings represent a vision of the North which is a bright and vibrant mesh of cultural and creative excellence “ Mark Nelson studied Fine Art Painting at Liverpool Art School in the early 80 s ,gaining a BA ( Hons ) Degree. Following this he took a Post Graduate Certificate Education at Leeds and taught Art at several schools throughout that decade.

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