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Signet Contemporary Art London
Signet Contemporary Art

Why, when it comes to art for sale, London is the place to be

In 1777, Samuel Johnson famously quipped: “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

He wasn’t wrong, especially when it comes to finding superb contemporary art in the capital.

Our gallery, located in the Royal Borough of Chelsea & Kensington, is a showcase for more than 70 established artists who have poured their talents into a wide range of paintings and sculpture.

You can also browse the paintings and sculpture collections in our online art gallery from the comfort of your own home.

Why should I buy original art?

It’s a good question, and there are usually two main reasons. The first is people buy original art and artworks because they like them.

Although sometimes it’s more than that: they connect with a fine art painting or an eye-catching sculpture so profoundly that to walk away without owning it is unthinkable.

It’s a given that artists hope their paintings and sculpture will resonate with a customer. Our gallery is a way for them to make contact with that audience, tap into their desires and – hopefully – fulfill them.

Buying original art can also be a wise investment. There are a lot of exceptional works across the genres, available at affordable prices that – over time – can become something exceptional.

Both are excellent reasons for a customer to buy original artworks. Both are why we are careful curators, aiming to help buyers see for themselves the wealth of beauty on sale, via our exhibitions and our online galleries.

The constantly evolving contemporary art world

Collectors know the contemporary art sphere is always evolving. Just when you think a genre has reached its peak, another artist comes along and opens new avenues for everyone to explore.

The wide range of artists represented by our gallery is a testament to that constantly changing environment. There are many benefits to acting as curators for the wider public, not least being able to showcase so much talent.

Perfect examples include Alison Johnson’s epic abstract paintings, Victor Mikhailov’s tactile animal sculptures, Shannon Fannin’s exquisite sports cars and Katharina Husslein’s flowers that are so beautifully captured you can almost smell them.

We tap into the latest trends from around the world with our exhibitions, tempt buyers with a new limited edition still life for their collection, or help customers experience the original artwork of  up-and-coming creatives.

It’s a never-ending journey of discovery. Just as the capital never sleeps, the London art world is constantly on the move too.

From fine art to streetscapes: something for all art lovers

Where does this online journey take collectors? To a myriad destinations, all dependent on the style, taste and budget of each customer. Prepare to be inspired as we explore our online art galleries.

Paintings from the heart of the street...

We begin with our collection of cityscape paintings. It includes this arresting original cubist artwork by Borja Guijarro, offering an abstracted figurative study of a busy London street. We’re also sorely tempted to hop on the bikes featured in Juan del Pozo’s inviting Amsterdam-based painting.

David Farren captures another insight into the UK capital, this time Fleet Street during a downpour in this impressionist work, before artist Ian Hargreaves whisks us to Venice, evokes the idyllic atmosphere and romantic quality of the city in this contemporary painting.

...to be free by the sea

Heading beyond the urban sprawl we journey to the coast, as Jonathan Speed’s eye-catching seascape lures us out to the open ocean, but Lenny Cornforth brings us back to the shoreline with his contemporary realist artwork.

In another example, Irina Cumberland takes us beneath the waters in a beguiling, immersive scene, while Luis Fuentes places the sea firmly in the background landscape of this rich, surrealist artwork.

Finally, Jean-Pierre Kunkel’s exquisite photorealism is at the centre of what is an astonishing augmented seascape. 

The artists’ call of the wild

Switching from the human to the animal kingdom takes us neatly to Henk Jan Sanderman’s quirky Puffin sculpture, which is a joy to discover, while Fabriano’s imperious combination of tiger and classic car, results in a singular, original artwork.

You can almost feel the heat from the bodies of Catherine Ingleby’s charming trio of giraffes, and Nathan Neven’s colourful, contemporary surrealist art never fails to raise a smile – or make us think hard about what he’s trying to say.   

A touch of the elements

No art gallery would be complete without sculpture of various styles, and ours is no exception.

Guy Portelli, a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors, combined a Corvette, glass and stainless steel to create this eye-catching tabletop full of remarkable details. It sits in stark contrast to the quiet elegance of Andrzej Szymzcyk’s Debora Lima bronze nude.

There’s a human form at the centre of this astonishing work created by Ian Edwards, while Victor Mikhailov gives us a large-scale bronze rhino that manages to be both intricate and soulful.

A feel for floral artworks

When asked about the different contemporary art categories to purchase from, not all customers bring floral, fine art paintings to mind.

Luckily for art lovers, our site includes a page with some superb examples for sale to explore, all created by a wide variety of artists and painters.

Discover the unbridled romance of Yvonne Coomber’s multi-layered, abstract paintings, or this abstract landscape from Sylvia Paul that is so evocative you can almost smell the leaves on the wind.

Contemporary realist painter Robert Lemay packs so much into this still life it’s hard to look away, while we think the title of this astonishing artwork by James Zamora says it all: Isolating Beauty.

The limited editions

Some of the best London art is only available for sale in small numbers. We’re thrilled to say our online collection includes limited edition artworks and paintings from some incredible artists.

Artist Helen Petri serves up a burst of colour with this impressionist field that features hundreds of sunflowers, though there’s a very different style and mood to discover in Michael Steinbrick’s New York street scene.

Diaro Vargas draws influence from Renaissance and Baroque styles for this fluid, abstract painting, while Judy Woods’ mixed media artwork is both beautiful and absorbing.  

Going beyond traditional art galleries

Of course, our company does more than sell beautiful art and paintings from talented and inspiring artists. We also offer several other services.

Art framing

Our bespoke framing service covers paintings, photographs, and other objets d’art.

As well as offering hand-finished and carved frames, finished with the paint colour or varnish of your choice for sale, we also hold a large stock of standard frames if you prefer.

Art installation

Whether you are an individual collector, a business or are a private collector, our expert team can provide professional artwork installation services. They include:

  • large and heavy frame hanging
  • picture hanging at any height and staircases
  • art hanging on slanted walls and ceilings
  • picture hanging on marble and glass walls without drilling
  • hanging photos, posters and vinyls
  • framed murals, maps and wood carvings

Interior Design

After investing in one or more beautiful paintings and sculptures from our London art gallery, who better than our independent interior design experts to help you maximise their impact, stress free?

Our team specialises in several categories of interior design, including residential, retail and hospitality. They will ensure your contemporary art is perfectly positioned to enhance its surroundings – and vice versa.

Begin or bolster your paintings portfolio

Our London art gallery is the perfect starting point to create a contemporary art collection, add to your portfolio of fine art paintings, or explore works by British or international contemporary artists who are new to you.

Feel free to browse our site 24/7, or you can visit our King’s Road gallery in person by appointment only on a Monday, or Tuesday-Sunday, from 11am to 5pm.

Alternatively, you can call us on 020 3105 4820, email enquiries@signetcontemporaryart.com or fill in this contact form, and we’ll get back to you straight away.