Alex Hook Krioutchkov is a Contemporary Landscape and figurative painter, born in Russia in 1966. The Artist recieved his academical Art education in Russia & England. And is now a member of the Federation of British Artists since 1997.

The extensive Art training, work experience as a Painter, Illustrator, Graphic Designer allowed him to explore & create his bold, abstract painting style. Alex currently lives and works from his studio in Mallorca, Spain while being represented worldwide.

Artist Statement :

“I believe that paintings are the artist’s language (as a music for pianist, as a movement for a dancer…)

and his Art should speak for itself, no “wordly explanations” are required…”


Art School 1977-81,
College of Art and Design 1981-85,
Stroganoff Art Academy, Moscow 1989-93,
Kingsway College. London 1993,
City and Islington College. London 1995.

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