When he was a little boy, He wanted to be a driver like his father.  He would sit in the front seat and observe the world around him.  In one sense he was lucky because at that time very few people even had cars, but his childhood was also difficult because of his disability.  Because he was always drawing the world that he saw around him, his mother encouraged him to become an artist by giving him paints, brushes, and pictures of famous paintings.
At first, his paintings expressed sadness and frustration, his anger.  They were dark and pessimistic paintings.  One showed a disabled man in a pasture underneath a dark cloud, above which was God.  What kind of God was it, he wanted to know, and that would leave a man in such misery?
But these paintings only deepened his sense of frustration, his pessimism, so he began to paint the beautiful things that he saw around him – nature, portraits.  He found, quite to his surprise, that his outlook changed.  Through his art, he began to see the beauty in the world around him, despite the pain and suffering that is everywhere.  Somehow, people can overcome their own difficulties.  He began looking at the world and his life in a new way.
He thought art at the University and paint in his mini studio.  In that room, He was  free to express the joy he feel for his wife and three children, and to produce things that will make people feel better, help them to cope with whatever problems and difficulties they had
Sometimes he was asking why he is not an abstract painter as so many modern artists are.  His answer was that so-called realism is much more than photography, although he sometimes used photographs in the process of creating a paintings.  However one paints, one is searching, perhaps for something which cannot be found, the soul of a person, or a tree, or even a building.  He was constantly learning new ways to explore the world around him through his work, and he was content in knowing that the search will deepen his understanding even though he couldn’t find the answers.

Educational Background:

1987 College of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Work Experience:

1987-1989 Artists, UMA branch, Erdenet city
Since 1991 Freelance artists

1995 Freelancer of UMA


2000 “87-00”group exhibition, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2001 “Theoretical Painting” group exhibition, Ulaanbaatar
2000 “87-00”group exhibition, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2005 “Best painting of the year 2006” By Valiant Art, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2005 Dubai Index
2006 “Best painting of the year 2006” By Valiant Art, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2006 Art Expo. Miami 2006
2006 Art Expo, New York 2006
2006 Chicago “Silk road Pacifistic”
2006 Puro Arte, Vigo, Spain
2007 Solo Exhibition with Valiant Art Gallery, Arnden Gallery London, England
2007 Art Expo, New York 2007
2007 Expo Art 2007, Montreal, Canada
2007 Art Expo 2007, Las Vegas, USA
2007 Mongolian Kingdom of the horse, Arndean Gallery, London
2007 Art Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
2008 Art Expo New York
2008 Beijing International art Expo, Beijing, China
2008 Latest art Work, solo exhibition in Valiant Art summer Ger gallery
2008 Art Fair 2008, Dublin, Ireland
2008 The Cork Art Fair, Cork city, Ireland
2008 Art Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
2009 Equine affair, Pomona,CA. USA

2009 Art Ireland Spring Collection 09

2009 Exhibition dedicated to the 370th anniversary of Ulaanbaatar city. Art gallery of UMA

2009 Exhibition for Geology 70th anniversary of Ulaanbaatar city. Art gallery of UMA

2009 Art Fair Europe 09
2009 Callow Yard Art Exhibition. Isle of man
2010 “Art Shopping” Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris, France
2010 “International Equestrian Festival 2010” Downtown Lexington, Kentucky, USA


Second prize, exhibition of Geology 70 Diploma, Art Expo Beijing


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