Constance Regardoe is a contemporary painter of transient figuration and incredibly meticulous waterscapes, exploring the intricacy of light and water patterns. Her paintings are informed by her enthusiasm for swimming, expressing a sense of time and impermanence through water imagery.

Born and raised in Preston, Constance is currently based in London after finishing her studies in University. Despite her tuition in English and Art at BA level, she considers herself largely self taught in painting, honing her skills for some time. As an established artist, she now has a beautiful body of work depicting the powerful form of human figure enmeshed with waterscapes. Her paintings have great expression and depth, intricately presenting the way water distorts the body when submerged. The way the bodies are moulded and shaped by the rippling water in her paintings is a reminder of our smallness and dependency on the world around us.

Constance invests time into depicting the light and warping of water on the body. Informed by a longstanding fascination with water, she uses this experience of water as a motif to express ideas of time and impermanence. Waters duality is explored, captured in her pieces as something which is calming and serene, yet simultaneously unknowable and threatening. Intricate, reflective patterns of light and water in her paintings are taken from transient source imagery. By contrast, the momentary imagery is recreated over weeks by the artist in amazing realism, preserving the figure like an insect trapped in amber.

The artist’s work has been selected for a number of exhibitions over the past few years including the ING Discerning Eye, the RWA Annual show and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries. Constance was also selected for the Young Artist prize and the Main winner of the Bath Society of Artists annual show.

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