Denis Ribas is a French Contemporary landscape Artist, b.1954, Perpignan.

A proud Catalan he strictly paints outdoors on site using bright textured palette applied directly on linen canvas of the highest quality – manually nailed, stretched and coated. The paint itself is made in accordance with multi-centenary techniques.

His early works was created in impressionism style. Throughout the years the artist has succeeded in inventing his own style of luminous and textured paintings. Denis Ribas favorite subject matter is Provence and the landscapes of Ceret, his own hometown.

Artist states that he makes a painting without message “It is impression and incredible strength of Mother Nature that seduces me” his simple expressionist landscape paintings symbolize strength and security we are all longing for in our lives.



Shanghai salon du 11 au 15 January

Dalian(China) expo Solo Exhibition12 to 16 January

Edinburgh Solo Exhibition (1-3 February)

Paris Art 3F. 24 – 26 February

Marseille SIAC. From 17 -19 March

Hong Kong. And Nantes Art 3F 24-26 March

Divonne Solo Exhibition 22 – 27 March

Lyon Art3F 7- 9 April

World Art Dubai art Fair: 12 – 16 April

Mirabel aux Baronies: private expo until. July 9th

Metz Art 3F From 28 – 30 April

Shanghai Hk,Hangzhou And Xiamen(China) Solo Exhibition 9 – 23 March

Art shopping Paris. From 9 -10 June

Dalian(China) 4 -11 July

Art Beijing 31 August -3 Sept

Canton And Metz From 13- 18 sept

Anvers From 5 to 8 october

Paris Louvre Carroussel 20 -22 October

La Rochelle Art Fair 16 -19 November

Menton solo palais de l’Europe 16 -28 November

Bordeaux And Shanghai From 1 – 5 October

Mulhouse Art 3F 10 – 13 November

Shanghai Art fair. 9- 14 November

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