Born in 1989 in Wertheim, Germany, Husslein grew up surrounded by beautiful nature in the Black Forest.
After high school she left the hills, rivers and quaint village life behind to study Art & Design in London, UK.
There she learned a variety of artistic expressions and was inspired by the diversity London has to offer.
Throughout her studies, she travelled broadly, spending a few months in California, Australia as well as
New York to work in the art market and hone her creative skills.
Since 2019 she is working from Munich, where she lives with her 1 year old daughter and screen writer

Artist Statement

Katharina Husslein’s new body of work are still life paintings of blossoming flowers in a range of vases and
settings. Looking at old master paintings and today’s flower photography, she creates contemporary oil
paintings radiating color, art history and the joy of a moment in time where everything seems quietly
perfect and the flowers are in full bloom. A metaphor as old as time, to seize the moment and enjoy it to its
full extend.
Her paintings can stand as indications of a contemporary Western zeitgeist, the images lose their temporal
determinability through their static transience and acquire an essence of infinity.
Katharina is inspired by nature, poetry and history and her emotional response fuels her paintings.
Apart from still life paintings she uses impasto oil colors to create impressionist landscape paintings that
are full of depth and bold colors.

Exhibition History
2022 Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles, USA
2021 Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2021 Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Belgium
2021 Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Germany
2 0 1 9 A f f or d a b le Ar t F a i r B r u s se l s , B e lg i u m
2019 Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Germany
2019 Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt, Germany
2 0 1 8 A AF Br u s se l s , Be l gi u m
2 0 1 7 A AF Ba t t e r se a L o n d o n , U K
2 0 1 7 Ar t M uc , Ge r ma n y ,
2 0 1 7 Ar t & A nt i q ue Sa l zb ur g , A u s t r ia
2017 A f f or da b le A r t F a ir B r u s s e l s , B e l g i u m
2 0 1 7 AF f o r da bl e Ar t F a ir M i la n , It a l y
2 0 1 7 A RT e S i n de l f i ng e n , G e r m a n y
2 0 1 6 St r o ke A r t F a ir M u n i c h
2 0 1 6 A f f or d a b le Ar t F a i r B a t t e r s e a , L o n d o n
2 0 1 6 M o n i ka A r t F a ir , L o n d o n
2 0 1 5 L i ve r p o o l C o nt e m p or a r y
2 0 1 5 A f f or d a b le Ar t F a i r B a t t e r s e a , L o n d o n , UK

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