Martha Nairn was born in rural Pennsylvania in 1955, where her family lived until, they moved to Guernsey in 1966. Always artistic, Martha went to ballet school before attending The Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, thereafter working as an actress in both theU.K. and the U.S.
She is delighted to have found a passion for painting in recent years, inspired by the Dutch Old Masters. although largely self taught, she has spent time studying her technique with artists both in London and New York as well as time learning with a painter of miniatures in Jaipur India.
She has travelled extensively, using photography to explore contrasts in composition. This has inspired her painting. All the compositions are painted from life, the building of the setup in the studio being a major factor in the process and using a controlled light source. After completing a detailed drawing, thin layers of paint are applied, beginning with the grisaille, or under painting, followed by numerous layers of color. The intention is to create drama with shadow and light and to delight in the detail.

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