Born in London and now residing in Edinburgh, Sally Ann Johns studied Design and Craft at Gray’s School of Art at Aberdeen graduating in 1999. She went on to receive her Masters and Postgraduate Diploma in Product and Furniture at the Edinburgh College of Art 2007.

Her work focuses on the use of reflective light by producing drawings on gold, and framing them to capture the effect. The result is such that the viewer is invited to consider another realm within the case.

Each artwork consists of one image, framed, isolated and surrounded in golden leaf.

Artist Statement

My drawings are less to do with a realistic representation or portrait, than with creating a visual prayer. I allow each image to stand alone, surrounded by the constantly changing light that reflects around it. The images are not what you would typically call holy or iconic, the animals are simplistic, sometimes flawed; the portraits are often dark or haunted. I don’t polish them or look for perfection; I leave them in their reflected light. I intend to demonstrate the ordinary to be extraordinary and leave each one as perfect in its imperfection.’

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