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Signet Contemporary Art London
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Abi Whitlock

Abi Whitlock, Contemporary Artist

Abi Whitlock is a contemporary realism painter renowned for her expertise in figurative water paintings. Born in Surrey in 1992, Abi’s artistic journey began at an early age, displaying a natural inclination towards art. However, it wasn’t until she relocated to coastal Devon that she rediscovered her passion for painting. Surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Devon, including numerous outdoor pools and picturesque seascapes, Abi found endless inspiration for her art. Mastering the medium of acrylics, she immersed herself in capturing the beauty and serenity of water scenes, honing her skills and refining her style. In 2015, Abi transitioned into a full-time professional artist, dedicating herself entirely to her craft. Her dedication and talent quickly garnered recognition, and she began exhibiting her work across the UK. Notably, Abi received acclaim and awards in prestigious competitions such as The National Open Art Competition, where she earned both the ‘Young Artist Award’ and the ‘Creative Award’ in 2016. Abi’s artwork has found its way into private collections worldwide, captivating art enthusiasts with its emotive portrayal of water and the human form. Today, Abi Whitlock continues to create from her studio in Bristol, where she channels her passion for art into each new piece, captivating audiences with her evocative and masterful paintings.

Abi Whitlock’s artworks for sale

Discover the enchanting contemporary figurative artworks available for sale by Abi Whitlock at Signet Contemporary Art. Delve into the captivating allure of each piece, a testament to Abi’s remarkable talent and distinct perspective. Whether you’re exploring our London gallery or browsing from the comfort of your home online, get ready for an unforgettable journey into the world of Abi’s artistry.

Abi Whitlock’s statement

“My work focuses predominately on the human form and how the mind and body are affected when immersed in water. This is mirrored by the way light is refracted and reflected, distorting and enhancing colour and shape. My goal is to capture the way entering the water enables the swimmer to enter an altered state of mind; a form of escapism from the real world. I do this by drawing influence and inspiration from life on the coast, trips to the beach and outdoor pools. The way I work puts emphasis on minute detail and it’s of great importance to me that every aspect of the painting is imparted with this intricate value and depth as a means to fill the observer with the sense that they, too, are becoming immersed along with the swimmer. Although I work in a hyperrealist style; I ensure that the way I paint the water creates natural abstraction within each piece. Water and its interplay with light generate unusual, distorted and complex patterns, altering the perception of everyday images. In some of my most recent work, I also include the technique of acrylic pouring; using the natural fluidity of paint to mimic the fluidity of water. The vivid, marbled colours and the uncontrolled way they flow across the canvas help to create a sense of freedom in the work; a sharp contrast to the tight realistic elements of my paintings”- Abi Whitlock

Artworks for sale by Abi Whitlock