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Signet Contemporary Art London

Alanna Eakin

Alanna Eakin (b.1988) is an emerging British painter currently living and working in south London. She graduated in 2010 with a BA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martin’s London. Alanna’s work is concerned with themes of nature exploring mainly landscapes and tropical botanicals. She has a particular interest in colour, light and abstract mark-making. Alanna’s paintings are joyful, imaginative and playful. Her landscapes in particular have supernatural feel escaping the viewer to somewhere whimsical, dream-like and surreal. Her attention to light and contrast emulates a ‘glow’.  Her interest in tropical plants formed through a longing for an escape. Through a combination of memories, collected imagery and plant studies she evolved vibrant, nostalgic scenarios. These works have since progressed through continual experiment resulting in endless conclusions and varied palettes.   Working predominantly in oils and acrylics. As a colourist her palettes are well considered before beginning a piece, unlike her compositions which are loosely planned and subject to spontaneity throughout. Alanna applies the paint intuitively; each mark is a risky and permanent decision. She celebrates the luscious thick texture of paint, emphasising the brush-marks using a layering technique.