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Signet Contemporary Art London
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Angus Hampel

Angus Hampel’s journey into art began with a traditional upbringing in South East England, followed by a transformative solo expedition through Africa after finishing school. Despite a degree in Classics from Oxford University and a successful career as a journalist and crossword composer, Angus’s path took a profound turn after a serendipitous encounter with a London art school.   In just three months, Angus left the UK to immerse himself in full-time studies at an atelier in Florence, financing his education through crossword puzzles. Within a year, he held his inaugural art exhibition in London, marking the beginning of a career that has spanned over two decades.   Today, Angus divides his time between Tuscany and the UK, where he resides with his wife, five children, and a menagerie of animals. His artistic journey is a testament to his deep admiration for the beauty and awe of the world.   Angus’s oil paintings on linen pulse with life, capturing moments of dynamic motion and perpetual change through the interplay of negative space and pristine fabric. At the heart of his compositions lies the golden circle, symbolizing timelessness and continuity. His artworks serve as tangible reflections of time, offering a tranquil refuge from the frenetic pace of modern life.   Explore Angus Hampel’s enchanting landscapes, available for sale at Signet Contemporary Art and online. Each masterpiece beckons with its unique allure, showcasing Angus’s exceptional talent and distinctive perspective. Whether visiting our London gallery or exploring from home, prepare for an unforgettable journey through the captivating artistry of Angus Hampel.   “My artworks are silent awakenings, wild and jubilant dances that seek to reveal the wonder often overlooked in our everyday existence. They capture fleeting moments where olives shimmer like fireflies, birds dart across the sky, and golden suns or moons dazzle with their brilliance. Everything in my paintings is extraordinary.   Gold plays a pivotal role, bridging the secular and spiritual realms. It evokes thoughts of wealth and Midas, yet also echoes the serene beauty of Greek Orthodox icons and Buddhas, enduring without tarnish.   My compositions invite viewers to pause and observe. Trees emerge from red earth against watery skies, seas swell into individual waves or dissolve into vast nothingness. Birds flit across expansive skies, their collective dance leading us from obscurity into the present moment. In the rush of life, these moments pass by unnoticed—yet they define our existence.   The “atomic trees,” crafted meticulously from thousands of tesserae, resemble mosaics yet are paintings in their essence. Each element is unique, interconnecting like a murmuration or choir, forming a cohesive whole.   Gold flows through these pieces, lending them space to breathe and emerge before our eyes, encapsulating the passage of time spent in their creation. In today’s digital age, where instant gratification prevails, their painstaking construction underscores their significance.     Art, in its non-functional essence, holds a unique importance in our modern world. It defies quantification, offering a gateway to alternative perspectives beyond the rational and measurable. In its embrace, we find space for enduring beauty amidst the noise of contemporary life.   Just as love transcends logic, I believe there is always room for something beautiful.”- Angus Hampel