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Annie King is Contemporary Artist, based in Atlanta, GA Annie became a professional painter as well as teaching Art soon after graduating with a BFA from the University of Georgia. During this process Annie recognised how art was serving a therapeutic value. She developed a strong appreciation for how art making was connecting me to my Self: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically while generating a sense of healing. Annie pursued a career in art therapy and earned a Masters in Art Therapy from Eastern Virginia Medical School.
“Inspired by the intrinsic value that art making promotes a healing power, my paintings play a significant role in the relationship that I pursue with Spirit, Self, and others. Reflections of emotions, thoughts, and actions serve as the muse to my process, and the insights they produce form the overall abstract composition. Focusing on the journey rather than the destination, my paintings are drawn from intuition and result from spontaneous yet thoughtful strokes and markings. I use mostly soft-bodied acrylic paints along with other mixed media to create a loose yet contained aesthetic. Bold, black forms are balanced with calm colors on neutral white backgrounds to achieve a sense of stability among the impulsive chaotic details. Layers and layers of paint are used. Information emerges, hides under other “coats,” and then reinvents itself. My paintings represent the constant struggle to maintain comfort and truth among the confusions of life. I paint for the process, and each work is always in progress until it ultimately awakes with a fulfilling realization.”