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Signet Contemporary Art London

Helen Petri

Artist Biography   Currently based in Tiburon, California, where she has resided since 1975, contemporary artist Helen Petri has developed a rich body of artworks influenced by impressionism. Her collection of dynamic paintings are currently shown in The Passdoor Gallery in Sonoma California, and have also been exhibited in her own gallery “Perti’s Fine Arts” in Sausalito Calif for the past 15 years. The artist trained at Marin County Art school in Calif, and has developed a masterful, expressive painting style ever since.   Utilising the impasto technique to create striking, gestural renderings of natural landscapes, Petri transports the viewer to a fantastical environment suffused with solace and happiness. Her ethereal vistas, often burgeoning with floral forms, idyllic seascapes, or verdant organic matter, are demonstrative of a personal love for nature. This passion for the subject matter she paints is infused into the way she employs brilliant colour schemes, and thickly textured layers. Her paintings convey an enlivened spirit in the style of expression applied, depicting and elevating natural scenery through art. Her paintings have been collected by numerous international private collectors and exhibited in galleries across California.  
Artist Statement   “Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity”– Helen Petri
Recent Past Exhibitions