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Irina Trushkova

Irina Trushkova, Contemporary Artist

Irina Trushkova, a gifted artist born in Russia, embarked on her artistic journey by enrolling in the Faculty of Art at Krasnodar State University in 1987. Since 1991, she has dedicated herself to a professional career in painting, establishing herself as a prominent figure in contemporary art. With a portfolio spanning over 30 exhibitions and art fairs, Irina’s masterful works have found their way into private collections worldwide, resonating with art enthusiasts, collectors, and connoisseurs across Russia, Germany, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, the United States, France, Belgium, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Recognized for her exceptional talent, Irina became a member of the Union of Russian Artists in 1995. Her significant contributions to the arts were further honoured through the Culture and Art scholarship awarded by the Krasnodar Region Administration. In 2004, Irina embarked on a new chapter in her artistic journey by relocating to Belgium, where she continues to reside and create, drawing inspiration from the diverse cultural tapestry that surrounds her.

Irina Trushkova’s artworks for sale

Irina’s artistic focus centres on the genre of still-life compositions, where she employs oil as her chosen medium. Rooted in the act of observing life itself, her artistic philosophy seeks to capture the delicate interplay of light as it gracefully reveals objects and their surroundings, imbuing her works with a profound sense of serenity and tranquility. Emphasizing balance and harmony within her compositions, Irina often selects commonplace objects such as jugs, fruits, bowls, or flowers as her subjects, instilling a sense of wonderment and a visual narrative that encourages viewers to rediscover the enchanting beauty found in everyday items and experiences.

Irina Trushkova’s oeuvre invites viewers to rekindle their appreciation for the world around them, urging them to uncover the fleeting yet profoundly precious moments in life. Influenced by traditional Dutch 17th-century painting, celebrated for its nuanced treatment of light, shadow, and colour, Irina primarily employs a multi-layered technique to accentuate light effects, various textures, and transparency. Her work not only pays homage to art history but also transcends time to resonate with contemporary audiences, establishing her as a truly remarkable artist in the realm of still-life painting.

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Irina Trushkova’s statement

 “My artistic philosophy is intricately woven into the fabric of life’s observations. I am captivated by the delicate dance of light as it elegantly reveals the essence of objects and their surroundings. Through my work, I strive to imbue each piece with a profound sense of serenity and tranquility, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in moments of quiet contemplation.”- Irina Trushkova