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Signet Contemporary Art London

JJ Galloway

JJ Galloway is an internationally collected artist known for whimsical paintings and sculptures of people, animals and food or any combination of the three! Carefully executed in a traditional style using oils, watercolors or mixed media; JJ’s art can be found in both public and private collections world-wide. After graduating college with a dual degree in Fine Art and Marketing, JJ spent 10 years in the public relations world. Her first job as a string reporter for CBS News and finishing her executive career running the PR Departments at the National Aquarium in Baltimore and on the board of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. It was in these later jobs where JJ gained her love and appreciation for wild animals and their conservation. The inspiration for combining animals and food comes from her daughter’s childhood habit of putting the first bit of every meal on top of her head, like a crown. “My paintings make people feel happy and often nostalgic. I paint food and animals with foods to bring a little humor into art collections. A culinary crown makes perfect sense!” JJ regularly participates in shows in major cities including NY, London, Miami, Chicago and LA. She has a queue for her culinary animal commissions. When JJ’s not in the studio, she’s at the Smithsonian where she leads lectures both in the galleries and virtually to hundreds of participants globally. She also acts as a mentor for many emerging artists as they begin their fine art businesses. JJ resides in the Annapolis, Maryland area of the United States.
“My art makes people happy. I combine food and flowers with animals or animal imagery to get expressive, surprising portraits. All the art begins with a personality or an attitude. I find the animal that suits that mood and match it up with a cuisine or a bouquet. For example, an ostrich and a stack of pancakes. The painting, “Her High Pancake Stack” is based on a hat from the British Hat Guild a pose by Mary Crowley from Downton Abbey, and the way the hat sits on a head reminds me of a pancake stack! Once I’m happy with the match, I build an idea board. I watch videos of the animal subject to get a feel for its mannerisms and search images related to the theme or personality I’m looking for. Like the Mad Hatter or Marie Antoinette. I pull all the research together and use the idea board as a reference while I work. The result is a whimsical twist on animal and figurative portraiture. The animal portraits are traditional oil paintings in style and accurate in anatomy. The animal sitter just happens to be wearing a whimsical crown!”
Selected Group Exhibitions 2022 PXP Contemporary, December: “Taking Flight”, Philadelphia, PA 2022 Affordable Art Fair, Sept.: New York, NY 2022 Superfine, March: Washington, DC 2022 Affordable Art Fair, March: New York, NY 2022 Affordable Art Fair, March: Battersea Park, UK 2021 Affordable Art Fair, Oct.: Battersea Park, UK 2021 Affordable Art Fair, Sept. New York, NY 2021 PXP Contemporary, August: “Treats”, Philadelphia, PA 2021 Affordable Art Fair, July: Battersea Park, UK 2021 The Other Art Fair, July: New York, NY 2021 Affordable Art Fair, May: New York, NY 2020 Superfine, December: Virtual 2020 PXP Contemporary, December: “Wild”, Virtual 2020 Maryland Federation of Art, June: “Food for Thought”, Annapolis, MD 2019 PULSE Art Fair, Dec.: “Next Generation”, South Beach, Miami, Fl 2019 Maryland Federation of Art, Dec.: First Place, Jurors Selection, “Small Wonders”, Annapolis, MD 2019 Superfine, Oct.: Washington, DC 2019 Art Comes Alive, ADC, Oct.: Honorable Mention, Cincinnati, Ohio 2019 Superfine, May: New York, NY 2019 ArtExpo NY, April: New York, NY 2019 Affordable Art Fair, March: New York, NY 2018 Y:art Gallery, Dec.: ”The Miniature Show”, Baltimore, MD 2018 Spectrum, Dec.: Miami Art Week, Miami, Fl 2018 Superfine, Oct.: Washington, DC 2018 The Other Art Fair, Sept.: Chicago, Il 2018 The Other Art Fair, May: New York, NY 2018 The Other Art Fair, March: Los Angeles, CA 2017 Maryland Federation of Art, Dec.: “Small Wonders”, Annapolis, MD 2017 The Other Art Fair, Nov.: New York, NY 443-440-0784 | www.jjgalloway.com | jjgallowaystudio@gmail.com Special Projects 2020 December PULSE Art Fair, Installation – “Flamingo Greeting”, Miami, FL 2019 March Affordable Art Fair, Installation – “Pigeon Café”, New York 2018 September Affordable Art Fair, Installation – “Pigeon Café”, New York Press “WHIMSICAL DOG PORTRAITS” Modern Dog Magazine, ONTARIO, CANADA. FALL 2020. PAGE 14 “SMITHSONIAN’S VIRTUAL LEARNING WITH JJ GALLOWAY” The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, MD. APRIL 2020 Voice of America, National Publication. APRIL 2020 Washington Family Magazine, Washington, DC. APRIL 2020 Tretyakov Gallery Magazine, Russia. APRIL 2020 Washingtonian, Washington, DC. APRIL 2020 The Washington Post, Washington, DC. APRIL 2020 The Hill, Washington, DC. APRIL 2020 “CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS AND IMPRESSIONS OF COVID” Colour Canvas Magazine, DELHI, INDIA. APRIL, 2020. PAGE 6 “SEVERNA PARK ARTIST TEACHES STUDENTS HOW TO DRAW BARACK OBAMA, OTHER ONLINE LESSONS FOR SMITHSONIAN AMID CORONA VIRUS.” The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, MD. April, 2020 The Capital Gazette, Annapolis, MD. April, 2020 “PULSE ART FAIR FEATURE” Authority Magazine. December, 2019 “THE SUPERFINE ART FAIR REVIEW” FEATURE Create Magazine. Issue 19. Pages 70-79 “ART SALES STRATEGIES FOR B2B MARKETS” Professional Artist Magazine. Dec. – Jan. 2018. Pages 60-66