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Signet Contemporary Art London

Leavon Bowman

From my early childhood days art has always been my first love, my passion. I call it my passion because it is an intrinsic part of who I am. I see art and the artist has being one and these only become distinguished once the art form is created.

I n 2017 I graduated from the Northampton university with a degree in Fine Art Painting and Drawing , where I transitioned from working predominantly with pencil to embracing painting. Having never painted before, I spent a lot of time trying to understand the art of painting and this shift in medium form a pivotal part of my journey of self-discovery.


My affinity with nature began as a child, immersed in the Caribbean landscape of Jamaica where I grew up. The tranquil setting would often glow in the sunshine creating a spectacular display of colours, subtle hues and vibrant patterns that would dance and glisten in the sun. This had my childish mind engaged and I’m particularly drawn to the sea. The seascape are endless, stretching far beyond the canvas and into the distance. The limitlessness evokes a spiritual experience of awe and fear found only in nature when one is faced with their own mortal limitations.

My aim and goal in creating is to capture the subject in its raw, natural state allowing the viewer to find their relationship with the emotions that it creates. The expression of these conceived in the heart and mind; that is my art.

“Art is inherent., it is who I am. I live it and it’s an expression of my inner human.”