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Signet Contemporary Art London
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Meg O’Hara is a contemporary landscape painter known for her acrylic on canvas works that abstractly depict ice. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Theory from the University of British Columbia. In 2022, she was an Artist-in-Residence on an Ocean Conservation Expedition with the SOI Foundation. That same year, she was chosen as one of ten Canadians to join a delegation to Antarctica, focusing on Canada’s role in the Antarctic Treaty System and the effects of climate change on the region. Meg’s contributions have earned her significant recognition, including the BC Business 30 Under 30 award in 2021 and being named Woman of the Year in 2023. Additionally, she serves as a Creative Ambassador for Protect Our Winters USA and Protect Our Winters Canada.   Step into the enchanting world of contemporary landscape art with Meg O’Hara’s abstract creations, now available for sale at Signet Contemporary Art. Each masterpiece invites you to explore its unique allure, showcasing Meg O’Hara’s extraordinary talent and unparalleled perspective. Whether you visit our London gallery in person or browse online from the comfort of your home, prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through Meg O’Hara’s captivating artistry.
“As an artist and environmental advocate, my work is deeply inspired by the natural world, particularly the polar regions.  Through my art, I seek to capture the breathtaking beauty and fragility of these remote landscapes, raising awareness about the urgent need for ocean conservation. My paintings are not just visual expressions but also narratives that reflect the profound connection between humanity and nature. A significant aspect of my practice involves collaborating with scientists on their fieldwork in remote parts of the polar regions. By immersing myself in these expeditions, I gain firsthand insights into the environmental challenges and scientific endeavours aimed at understanding and preserving these critical ecosystems. This unique intersection of art and science allows me to use my artwork as a form of science communication, translating complex research findings into accessible and evocative visual stories. My creative process is deeply intertwined with my experiences in the field. From sketching and painting en plein air to documenting the stark and awe inspiring beauty of glaciers, icebergs, and the diverse landscape, I strive to convey the urgency of environmental stewardship. Through my art, I aim to bridge the gap between scientific inquiry and public engagement, fostering a deeper appreciation for the delicate balance of our planet’s ecosystems. Ultimately, my goal is to inspire a greater connection to the natural world and to advocate for its protection. By highlighting the wonders and vulnerabilities of the polar regions, I hope to ignite meaningful conversations and encourage actions that contribute to a more sustainable and harmonious relationship with our environment. My ultimate goal is to inspire others to seek adventure in nature, and reflect on their role in preserving it”- Meg O’Hara