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Signet Contemporary Art London
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Michael Sole

Since earning his BA in Fine Art from Wimbledon College of Art in 2008, Sole has made remarkable strides in the art world. His talent has been showcased in prestigious exhibitions across England, France, and America. Notably, he was honored as “Young Artist of the Year” by the Royal Society of Marine Artists in 2009 and 2010. He has also been recognized as a finalist and awardee in various prominent art competitions, including the ‘Threadneedle Prize’ and the ‘Evolver Prize’.   Sole’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in his fascination with nature and a desire to redefine traditional painting practices. He immerses himself in the outdoors for weeks at a time, observing and experiencing the landscapes firsthand. This intimate connection with nature informs his process, which he describes as a dynamic interaction between energy and environment.   For Sole, painting is more than just a technique; it’s a philosophy he terms ‘Involuntaryism’. This concept allows the paint itself, guided by the artist’s expertise, to dictate the creation of organic textures and marks. Through this approach, Sole seeks to capture the essence and energy of his surroundings, letting the painting take on a life of its own.   Inspired by impressionism and the personal narrative of artists like Van Gogh, Sole aims to merge his presence with the paint itself, creating a symbiotic relationship between artist and artwork. This holistic approach infuses his body of work with a profound sense of authenticity and vitality.     Experience the mesmerizing abstract seascape creations now on display at Signet Contemporary Art, crafted by the talented Michael Sole. Each artwork invites you to immerse yourself in Michael’s unique vision, showcasing an unparalleled blend of skill and creativity. Whether you’re strolling through our London gallery or perusing online from the cozy confines of home, prepare for an extraordinary voyage into the realm of Michael’s artistic prowess.
“Nature is the base I experiment from using a method I call Involuntarylism. Nature is a broad subject matter, yet I have homed in and focused on the parts that inspire me to experiment with materials and processes that not only interest me and produces original paintings, but completely satisfies me and highlights who I am as a person. The concept behind my paintings completely relies upon the idea of involuntary mark making. How the materials react with one another and how I go about applying them to the canvas. With this concept in mind, nature, with its natural geometry, is the perfect subject as a base to experiment from. The idea of involuntarylism is allowing the paints characteristics and gravity to produce the marks, creating organic patterns, atmosphere and substantiation, allowing the painting to have a life of its own. As all my paintings are made on the floor, Involuntarylism is subject to me ‘puppeteering’ the paint, using gravity and built up knowledge of the materials and past experiences, to create the painting. The artist’s involvement is purely to manipulate the paint, canvas, colours and consistencies so as to exaggerate as strongly as possible the resulting organic textures and marks. The image is starting to take more of a back seat role in my practice. Without the pressures of the image I can develop, push and explore the more interesting parts of my work and become more involved in the materials and processes which I think better replicate nature than image ever will. I have started to use gold and silver leaf in the under layers of the painting bringing a whole new dimension to my work.”- Michael Sole