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Signet Contemporary Art London

Nicola Godden

Nicola Godden is a British contemporary sculptor, boasting over 30 years of experience working primarily in plaster and clay for bronze casting. Born in 1959, the Surrey-based artist has produced site-specific works with property companies and other organisations. Her first large commission was the Hammersmith Man figure in 1988. In 2012, the artist created the Icarus sculpture for the Olympic Village in London. The bulk of her work has been private work of various sizes exhibited in galleries in the U.K and Ireland.   Specifically focusing on the human form, the artist’s works express the figure in both abstract and realistic styles. Weaving a narrative into each unique work, the artist focuses on conveying feelings and emotions.   Nicola’s work has developed and changed as she has matured as a professional artist, impacted by the way in which she embraces the transitory phases of her life and pulls from various sources of inspiration. For example, during a marriage break up, her work changed from the calm, smooth and serene ‘Mother and Child’ and ‘Couple’ works. She began to make pieces full of energy and angst which reflected her feelings at that time. This is reflective of a deeply personal relationship with her work.   Nicola’s ideas are elicited from many areas. This includes found objects such as flint or bone found while out walking. Dreams, the subconscious and mythology are themes which she also investigates. Additionally, the artist finds experiences while travelling equally inspiring. Most presently, her ‘Ikarus’ series is inspired by her experience of learning how to fly.   Preferring to create with immediacy and spontaneity, the artist uses the mediums of plaster and clay that give the sculpture tangibility. She enjoys it when people touch the work. Starting with a base of metal supporting armature, aluminium wire is moulded into a rough shape. Lastly, clay and plaster are added rapidly to this form. The rich history linked to bronze casting is valued by the artist, who is deeply involved at each stage of the process.
“Most of my finished work is cast in bronze. Light reflects well off the surface and it can be irresistible to touch. Casting bronze is complex and time consuming and I try to be involved at each stage of the process; this metal is timeless and has its own fascinating history and, of course, should outlive us all. Over the last few years I have been excited by the mythological figure of Icarus and have produced a series of ‘Icarus’ pieces. These ideas began when I was learning how to fly (in an Ikarus C42 fixed wing Microlight aircraft) and the combination of man and wings is very compelling. I have created 13 pieces of sculpture in the ‘Icarus’ series so far.” – Nicola Godden
Recent Past Exhibitions
  • Sculpture by the Lakes. Dorset. Current.
  • The Sculpture Park, Surrey. Current.
  • Duncan R Miller Fine Arts, London.
  • The Cotswolds Sculpture Park. Current.
  • Imagine Gallery, Suffolk. Current.
  • Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, various.
  • Curated, Mystic, CT. USA.
  • CCA Gallery, Jersey.
  • Moncrief Bray Gallery, various.
  • Hay Hill Gallery, Baker Street, London, various.
  • Wimbledon Fine Arts. London.
  • Doddington Hall Sculpture Exhibitions.
  • Art Parks International, Guernsey.
  • Chelsea Flower Show.
  • The Olympic Village.
  • Hay Hill Gallery, Cork Street, London.
  • Henley Arts and Music Festival,
  • The Wykeham Gallery, Stockbridge,
  • Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford.
  • Tom Caldwell Gallery, Belfast, various.
  • Hiscox Art Café. The City, London.
  Large Commissions
  • ‘Icarus’ for The Olympic Village 2012. Commissioned through The Sculpture Park.
  • ‘Sir Peter Scott’ statue for WWT Barn Elms Wetlands site, Barnes. Commissioned by The
  • Berkeley Group plc and Unveiled by Sir David Attenborough and Lady Scott.in 2000.
  • ‘Guardians II’ for Nene University campus ground. Unveiled by Arts minister Mark Fisher MP.
  • This piece is part of the University’s sculpture collection.
  • ‘Survivor’ for Eastman Kodak headquarters in Philadelphia, USA.
  • ‘Hammersmith Man’. Commissioned for building on Hammersmith flyover by Mount Row
  • Properties. Unveiled by George Melly.
  • Various figurative commissions for property companies: Albion Properties; Pillar Properties;
  • The Berkeley Group plc; British and Commonwealth Properties plc; Arcona Investments;
  • Mount Row Properties; Speyhawk plc.