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Signet Contemporary Art London

Nikki Baxendale

Nikki is a professional artist with a diverse background. She started as an Art Director, working with some of the biggest brands in London, New York, and L.A.   Nikki began her artistic journey at the University for Creative Arts in London, where she earned a degree in illustration, photography, marketing, and fashion journalism. She later honed her photography skills at The International Centre for Photography in New York, where she studied various disciplines, including documentary-style photography. Nikki continues to improve her craft working alongside multiple award-winning photographers. She travels extensively seeking new opportunities to push the boundaries and also document and showcase the natural world.   Nikki’s career in design and buying started in London, and she eventually moved to New York to manage a global design team. During her tenure as an Art Director, Nikki travelled extensively and collaborated with numerous talented professionals in the design, magazine, and retail industries. Her leadership and innovative approach led to many accolades and licensing opportunities with big names like Disney, Virgin and MTV.After a successful stint in Chicago, Nikki was recruited by Lululemon’s Ivivva Brand in Vancouver to serve as its Vice President and Creative Director. During her time there, Nikki art directed and photographed many marketing campaigns and magazine features.   Nikki ultimately decided to leave the corporate world to pursue her lifelong ambition of becoming a full-time artist and fine art photographer. Her work reflects her passion for painting and capturing moments behind the lens. She currently resides in her dream landscape with her husband, three children, and beloved puppy Hazel, where she draws inspiration from the breath-taking scenery to create new and exciting pieces.   To learn more about Nikki’s work or to commission her for a private project, please contact her or the galleries that represent her work.
Artist Statement   “As an artist, I believe that my work is not confined to a single medium. For me, art is a way of interacting with the world around me and reimagining it in unique and inspiring ways. I began my artistic journey as a photographer, which taught me how to truly see the beauty and essence of my subjects. Photography is always my starting point. Later I fell in love with brush work and so as a separate but equally important practice I discovered I could be a 3-dimensional storyteller reinterpreting my captures into a new collection. My art represented by local and international galleries.   I live immersed in the beauty of our natural world, fascinated by the interplay of elements and how they shape our perceptions. With my camera as my starting point, I study surfaces and textures, manipulating light to reveal new dimensions of shape and form. I seek out those moments that blur the line between realism and abstraction, offering viewers a fresh perspective on familiar subjects.   Through my work, I aim to evoke emotions and connect with the viewers, whether it’s through the energy and joy of an “electric current” or the peaceful serenity of kaleidoscopic ripples. At the heart of my practice is the dance of light and energy, capturing the moment ‘in between’.   I work in many mediums but primarily Oil & Acrylic with textural mediums.” – Nikki Baxendale
Recent Past Exhibitions  
  Solo Exhibitions   2023   2023   ‘Unleashed Sea’ Kurbatoff Gallery, Vancouver B.C   ‘Sandbar’ C.F Interiors – Seasonal Collection   ‘Tidepool’ Isetta West Vancouver, B.C  
2022 ‘Oceans Edge’ West Vancouver B.C
2021 ‘Tofino Rising’ Tofino B.C
2020 ‘Kaleidoscopic Ocean’ Vancouver B.C
2019 ‘Azure’ Whistler B.C
2018 ‘Alpine Sunrise’ Whistler B.C
2016 ‘Oceans Breath’ Barrington, Illinois
2011 ‘Refraction’ Ardsley-on-Hudson, New York
2011 ‘Indigo Impact’ Irvington, New York
2009 ‘Story Shores’ New York
  Group Exhibitions   2022   ‘20th Anniversary’ Kurbatoff Gallery, Vancouver, B.C
2022 ‘Figuratively Speaking’ Tofino Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tofino B.C
2022 ‘Water’ The James Baird Gallery, Pouch Cove, Newfoundland
2021 ‘10 squared’ The Federation of Canadian Artist, Vancouver B.C
2020 ‘Escape’ West Vancouver collective, West Vancouver
2019 ‘Beyond midnight’ West Vancouver Collective, West Vancouver