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Signet Contemporary Art London

Victor Mikhailov

Born on April 25, 1988, Idrinskoye, the Krasnoyarsk Region, Siberia 2012 Krasnoyarsk State Art Institute, Academic Faculty, specialty – sculpture. Since 2016, work in the Creative Workshops in Italy and England. 2016 Creative workshops of the Russian Academy of Arts, branch of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East, Krasnoyarsk. Member of the Union of Painters of Russia. Participant and laureate of various regional, all-Russian and international exhibitions. Participated in major sculptural projects of Dashi Namdakov, in 2018 was the lead sculptor of the «Father Baikal» project. In 2019, a documentary film was made about sculptor Dashi Namdakov and the creation of this sculpture. Scientists are now recognizing the state of Lake Baikal as an environmental disaster. The sculpture «Father Baikal» and this documentary film are intended to draw the world’s attention to the environmental problem in Siberia. You can watch the film «Father Baikal» at this Link on Vimeo 2021 was granted a Global Talent in the Arts visa by the Arts Council of England. Now lives and works in London.
‘I was born in Siberia and grew up surrounded by nature. There have always been many animals around, since childhood, I have observed their behavior, studied their habits, sketched, and tried to understand each of them. Therefore, animals are the main theme of my works, they are my inexhaustible source of inspiration. Animals represent freedom. I explore their plastique, their characters, and their emotions, which are sometimes so similar to those of humans. As an actor, I get used to the animal I want to portray, trying to feel its character to convey these emotions in the work. Then the work has its own story. I fill the sculpture with character and emotion and then it’s as if the sculpture takes on a soul and comes to life. I use clay to create large sculptures and plasticine for smaller forms with intricate details. When the work is finished, I cast them in bronze and cover them with a painterly patina.’