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Signet Contemporary Art London

Yvonne Coomber

Yvonne Coomber’s paintings are her very personal response to the surroundings of her studio in a deeply beautiful and tranquil Devon valley. She was brought up on a farm and spent a large portion of her childhood in the Emerald Isle, her mother’s homeland and the simplicity and beauty of that landscape has shaped her beautiful colourful paintings.

Her formal training resulted in a degree in philosophy and literature but her true desire was to paint. Yvonne has an uncomplicated view of the world which is why she relates to art-lovers and collectors both nationally and internationally. Yvonne recently featured on a BBC Countryfile episode exploring the beauty of meadows.
My rainbow drenched paintings sing of wild tumbling hedgerows, tangled meadow lands, open moorlands and magical forests. They whisper of love. My intention is to transport the viewer to an effervescent place of happiness that is literally saturated in joy. The materials I use are extremely important. A mixture of oils, inks, glosses, glazes, fine glitter and gold leaf are applied in a multitude of layers. Washes are built up to form a work that is infused with colour. Paintbrushes, sponges, rags, palette knives and fingers are all used to create the finished piece. The result is a kaleidoscopic jewel like composition of rich pigments that prismatically opens up to reveal the radiance and beauty of nature.