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Signet Contemporary Art London
CHRISTMAS EXHIBITION 4th of December to the 23rd of December

Signet Contemporary Art


Signet Contemporary Art is proud to present our upcoming Christmas exhibition, running from our gallery in Chelsea from the 4th of December to the 23rd of December 2021.


CHRISTMAS EXHIBITION 4th of December to the 23rd of December by Signet Contemporary Art


4 Dec – 23 Dec 2021

Signet Contemporary Art is proud to present a Christmas exhibition arranged from the 4th of December to the 23rd of December. The Christmas retrospective includes an admirable selection of our latest original artworks by ten esteemed international and British artists. Hosted during this joyful and festive time of the year, we are thrilled to introduce our new collections by Calvin Lai, Leila Godden, Michael Alford, Anne Songhurst, Nathan Neven, Juan del Pozo, Michael Steinbrick, Henk Jan Sanderman, Garry Raymond Pereira, Constance Regardsoe, and Paul Treasure.


Throughout December, we promise a showcase of fresh paintings, anticipating a myriad of works imbued with a range of fascinating contemporary styles, captivating in subject matter. From Paul Treasure’s dramatic interpretations of English landscapes charged with expressive energy and impasto textures, to Leila Godden’s reimagined abstract works featuring diaphanous layers of broad, gestural brushstrokes, this collection brings together a welcome sense of serenity and balance to the Christmas season. In addition, the exhibition highlights impressive contemporary realist works such as Anne Songhurst’s delicate depictions of sumptuous still life arrangements, as well as Henk Jan Sanderman’s limited edition wall sculptures, ingeniously animating the endearing charm of wildlife, customary of the artist’s oeuvre.


This show, running both in the gallery and online, features enchanting subject matter, rich warm colours and a fresh outlook of classical themes by a group of emerging and established contemporary artists we continue to support and engage with. Complementing the thrill and excitement in the run up to Christmas, prepare to celebrate with us this beautiful selection of artwork, presented at Signet Contemporary Art.


If you are interested in this Exhibition, feel free to contact us.