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Signet Contemporary Art London
FLOWER EXHIBITION 18th to the 26th of June

Signet Contemporary Art


Signet Contemporary Art is proud to present our upcoming Flower exhibition, running from our gallery in Chelsea from the 18th to the 26th of June 2022.




18 – 26 June 2022

For one week during June, an exhibition will take place at the gallery, promising to be blooming with an array of floral paintings provided by nine of our cherished contemporary artists. These include Mary Chaplin, Yvonne Coomber, Sylvia Paul, Magdalena Morey, Luis Fuentes, Denis Ribas, Juan del Pozo, John D Martin RBA and Robert Lemay. 

With Summer in full swing, this Flower Exhibition will evoke the natural charm of the season and the enchanting presence of blossoms, celebrating a time of the year that flourishes with joy. The diversity of flora that burgeon within our surroundings is reflected in this abundant mix of artworks, approaching the long beloved subject matter in a riveting mixture of styles and mediums. The gallery will feature the impressions of classically English horticultural garden havens imparted by John D Martin RBA, transmitting pure beauty and optical pleasure. These are complemented by Peruvian artist Luis Fuentes’ gracefully atmospheric and stylish interior vistas, embellished with pristine floral features that emphasise the serenity implied in each tranquil scene. We also aim to display intimate still life studies focusing in up-close on flora, demonstrated in Sylvia Paul’s verdant and vitally expressionate pieces, bestowing the dynamic energy of nature in thick impasto textures. 

This exhibition guarantees a riot of colour, expression and a compelling range of techniques, featuring the finest floral artworks by emerging and established contemporary artists. From realism to abstraction, this copious collection of studies composed in response to nature’s beauty asserts a captivating fusion of many different perspectives painted through a refreshing modern lens. The Signet Contemporary Art Flower show is the perfect week to discover and be dazzled by new and original art, showcasing many enthralling and innovative floral paintings. 

If you are interested in this Exhibition, feel free to contact us.