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Signet Contemporary Art London
FLOWER EXHIBITION 19th to the 26th of June

Signet Contemporary Art


Signet Contemporary Art is proud to present our upcoming Flower exhibition, running from our gallery in Chelsea from the 19th to the 26th of June 2021.




19 – 26 June 2021

This one-week exhibition running from 19thto the 26thof June will feature floral paintings by seven contemporary artists. Who are inspired by the natural miracle of Blossom. These include Robert Lemay, Sylvia Paul, Denis Ribas, Yvonne Coomber, Rory J. Browne, Luis Fuentes, Nathalie Maquet.

This Flower Power show sets out to deliver a sense of Summer which we can only achieve through mother nature herself. Giving us a balance between the imperfect yet gorgeous. Bringing us closer to the outdoor world which surrounds us. Be it Yvonne Coomber’s abstract but joyful floral-scapes looking closely at the colour of Summer. Or Rory J. Browne’s classical countryside scenes. The exhibition promises an assortment of styles, each proving how individualistic each artist’s outlook is to our ever-evolving natural world.

This exhibition guarantees a mixture of realism and abstract artworks. That reflects an incredibly imaginative perception of the environment. Using a diverse selection of mediums by a group of emerging and well-established contemporary artists. Prepare to experience the beauty of the world through a new perspective and enjoy some exquisite new artwork this Summer at Signet Contemporary Art.


If you are interested in this Exhibition, feel free to contact us.