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Signet Contemporary Art London
‘For the Ocean’ Exhibition 7th to the 17th of January

Signet Contemporary Art

‘For the Ocean’ EXHIBITION

Signet Contemporary Art is proud to present our upcoming exhibition ‘For The Ocean’ from the 7th to the 17th January 2023 in collaboration to support the Marine Conservation Society.

The paintings are for sale online and available to view at Signet Contemporary Art, Chelsea.

'For the Ocean' Exhibition 7th to the 17th of January by Signet Contemporary Art


7th Dec – 17th Jan 2023

Opening Day: 7th Jan 12pm-5pm

The opening reception will take place on the 7th of January from 12 – 5 pm.

The gallery commences the new year swimmingly by hosting ‘For the Ocean’, an exhibition of 12 emerging and established artist’s who interpret coastal and seascape scenery from a range of exciting perspectives. Signet Contemporary Art championed artists Alison Johnson, Irina Cumberland, Luis Fuentes, Erika Toliusis, Magdalena Morey, Lenny Cornforth, Nick Vivian, Juan del Pozo, Christopher Witchall, Garry Harper, Leavon Bowman and Alice Balfe have each supplied striking new artworks.


The UK-Based Marine Conservation Society is unified by a concerted effort and impulse to engage in the protection of our seas, climate and wildlife. For over 30 years, the charity has aided the recovery and health of the ocean, with the impending perils of climate change presenting one of the greatest challenges to humanity. In a country encompassed by beloved coastlines, it is a pleasure to have a portion of the proceeds from the exhibition donated to MCS.


Aligned by an admiration for the ocean, this exhibition captures interpretations in various styles and mediums. Influenced by the Caribbean landscape, Leavon Bowman employs oils in hyper-realism, evoking beguiling patterns and aquatic details that dance in the waters depths in dynamic close-up studies. Alice Balfe uses these natural areas as a surface to take an introspective voyage into complexities within ourselves and society, applying her distinctive use of pargeting substance with earnest fervour. The exhibition is also suffused with the whimsical seascapes of Garry Harper and the richly saturated sunset panoramas by Nick Vivian that reflect the magnitude and glamour which overflows these environments.


Celebrating the enchantment motions of the ocean elicit, these original artworks will fill any space with a captivating reminder of the irreplaceable charm of this natural resource, and are a great opportunity to raise funds for an essential cause.

If you are interested in this Exhibition, feel free to contact us.


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