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Signet Contemporary Art London
London Art Fair: Francesca Currie, ‘Reframing the Muse’ 18 – 22 January 2023

Signet Contemporary Art

‘Reframing the Muse’ LONDON ART FAIR

Featuring artist Francesca Currie

Signet Contemporary Art is proud to present a selection of Francesca Currie’s original portraits and nude paintings at the London Art Fair from the 18th to the 22nd of January 2023.

Invitation codes are available by request, feel free to contact us. 

London Art Fair: Francesca Currie, 'Reframing the Muse' 18 - 22 January 2023 by Signet Contemporary Art


18th – 22nd Jan 2023

Stand M2

Signet Contemporary Art: Stand M2

The London Art Fair selection of works will focus on original pieces shown at the gallery by Francesca Currie, with a focus on the painter’s portraiture and nudes in response to ‘Reframing the Muse’.

Francesca Currie is a Worcester based contemporary figurative painter working primarily in oils, who demonstrates a technically virtuous range of cityscapes, still life studies and portraiture that suggest a casual intimacy. Currie fuses traditional Old Masters’ techniques with modern expression which revitalises a classical approach with a contemporary spirit. Combining sensitive observation and a personal connection with her muses, Currie imparts enigmatic portraits in which the models are relaxed and seemingly unaware of the observer’s gaze. This enables her to convey them in a way that mirrors their authentic character. Rendered in a rich palette of colours, the figures in Currie’s pieces assert a strong presence within the composition, evincing the artist’s admiration resulting from her personal relationship with the sitter.

Based on Chelsea’s Kings Road, Signet Contemporary art represents emerging and established artists whose work is displayed or collected throughout the UK and internationally. Becoming a full time artist since 2015, Currie has exhibited in shows in London, Broadway and New York – to name a few places – after acquiring qualifications from the University of the Arts in Norwich and London Atelier of Representational Art. Not only has the artist had numerous private and public commissions, she also boasts the wonderful opportunity to paint Sir Trevor McDonald for Sky Arts in 2021. Alongside a range of successful solo shows, Currie exhibits her original pieces with the international art dealership Trinity House Paintings. All her paintings are Oil on canvas or linen.

“Whenever someone sits for me it’s always an intimate moment. My work combines traditional Old Masters’ techniques with modern expression to produce a composition which synergises classical representational oil painting methods with contemporary subject matter. I want to create without the pressure of formality, providing the freedom to convey the truest emotional rendering of whoever is in front of me” – Francesca Currie

London Art Fair


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