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Signet Contemporary Art London
Rory J Browne Solo Exhibition “Light” 1-9 December 2018

Signet Contemporary Art, Chelsea invites you to Rory J Browne Solo Exhibition


1st – 9th  December 2018.

RSVP Opening reception 1st December 3-6pm

Rory J Browne graduated from Chelsea School of Art in 1988. He specialises in painting vibrant and richly textured landscapes which often have a spiritual as well as a representational theme running through them.  Rory has received a number of prestigious awards such as Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award and The Apthorp Award for Young Artists.  His work is featured in public and private collections both in the UK and abroad, including British Gas, Rank Xerox, London Borough of Barnet and Hertfordshire County Council.

Artist Statement:

As an Artist it is inevitable that I am drawn to the study of ‘light’. Whether that is; rays of light emerging from behind clouds over a corn field, late afternoon light on a cold February day or glints of light on water. Capturing  light is a major preoccupation of mine. It seems to me though that there is a metaphor in an artist painting light and the parallel with our own individual lives. We all have times when we feel we are ‘walking in light’ or conversely when we experience moments of gloom or indeed darkness. In this sense I hope my work is Imbued with a sense of narrative, of life experience and a reflection of human existence as well as the natural and manmade world. More than anything I hope that my attempts to capture ‘light’ are uplifting and that the works in this show encourage you to sense ‘light’ in your life as well as the world around you”