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Signet Contemporary Art London

Craving of the Blue

Acrylic and ink on canvas                                   120 x 100 cm




100cm (w)

x 120cm (h)

x 3cm (d)

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This original contemporary artwork by Anna Sudbina is a layered abstract composition which hones in on introspective themes.

“To feel the softness of moss on the back of your neck, to look up and be blinded by light through the branches or to stand on the edge of the water line and feel the sand dragged into the ocean from under your toes. There is healing power in unity with nature.” – Anna Sudbina

This work is part of the artist’s series called the ‘Interior of the Mind’ and explores the relationship between time, space and memory.

Initially imaging an interior or exterior environment, the artist deconstructs details in a way that evokes the distortion and depletion of memory over time. Over years, memories become increasingly malleable. There is an architectural structure – a base of geometric shapes, right angles and perspective on top of which lies a different realm of the subconscious. The still life in the paintings is distorted, broken into pieces and then put back together again with a network of lines that obscure and bend perspective to unveil what’s left once we forget.

The paintings leave space for viewer’s imagination to join the dots evoking hazy recollection of past memories, of places left behind, visited once and forgotten, blurring the line between familiar and the unknown.

This piece is painted in acrylic and ink on canvas, hand signed by the artist and ready to be displayed.

Dimensions 120 × 100 × 3 cm

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