Dreams of a Thousand Islands II


Mixed-media on canvas                             80 x 80 cm



This original abstract artwork by Magdalena Morey is inspired by nature, presenting a reimagined expressive landscape that makes a wonderful statement, offering a milieu of style and character. The artist applies a palette of serene blue, purple and pink tones combined with golden accents, producing a picturesque mixed-media piece which shines with elegance. Expressive brushwork is painted with liberation, amalgamated with the layering of colour and line, capturing a vibrancy and glow within the abstracted landscape. The artist creates a unique composition, featuring strong contrasts between light and dark that are conveyed through rich hues, suggesting an effervescence and ethereality. This contemporary artwork is painted in mixed media on stretched canvas, hand signed by the artist and ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 80 × 80 cm