Acrylic, ink, and gesso on canvas                                91 x 121 cm


Contemporary expressionist painter Anna Sudbina presents a rendition of an interior setting with a seated figure that creates an image encapsulating the everyday human experience. Rendering the composition with raw, gestural paint work, the artist imbues the scene with a rich sense of emotion. Conveyed with limited execution of facial and bodily attributes, the psyche of the human is extended across the whole room environment, with interior features comparatively fragmented and abstracted, favouring implication of passion and spirit over detail. The artist also embraces the unpredictability of mixed media in this portrait, utilising the diversity of the marks created by a host of mediums to increase the level of fervour manifested in this piece. Building up the composition in layers, this artwork transcends the painterly restrictions of the canvas, assuming a dynamic sculptural impression. This original artwork is hand signed by the artist and ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 91 × 121 cm