London People


Acrylic on canvas                           80 x 80 cm


This original cubist artwork by Borja Guijarro presents an abstracted figurative study of a busy London cityscape scene. The artist implies the stylish character of the city in cubist forms, demonstrating the subject matters appearance from a range of angles. The panorama incorporates familiar London architecture and contemporary figures, including a woman on the phone as a focal point to the piece. Rendering geometric outlines and three dimensional forms, the artist achieves a dynamic energy within the piece which imparts the ambience of the London landscape from many different perspectives, producing an artwork which exudes the style of the popular urban centre.These attributes, combined with a muted palette, make for an attractive painting. This original artwork is rendered in acrylic on canvas, hand signed by the artist and presented in a thick frame, ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 80 × 80 cm