Reclining Nude


Acrylic on canvas                            116 x 61 cm


This original cubist artwork by Borja Guijarro presents an attractive portrait of a nude woman, implied taking a relaxed and calm lying down position. The artist employs a stylish palette of muted brown tones and conveys the human form in a simplified, abstracted way which gives the piece a modernist feel. The figure is depicted against a geometric background of interlocking lines and forms that are bold and shaded in a way that combines with the piercing line work that outlines the woman. Cubist forms and structural studies create the impression of furniture in a dynamic and interesting way. The subject matter looks graceful and confident which makes this a voguish illustration. The piece is painted in mixed-media on paper, hand signed by the artist and ready to be displayed.

Additional information

Dimensions 116 × 61 cm