The Land of Dreamers


Acrylic, ink, and gesso on canvas, framed                        31 x 41 cm


This abstract expressionist artwork by Anna Sudbina creates an impression of a portrait conveyed in gestural paintwork. The artist employs raw, abraded marks, manipulating a diverse range of media to portray the essence of a human bust in limited forms that are built up in layers. This creates a piece that encapsulates a relatable human experience, featuring a figure who’s hand seems to rest woefully on their temple, seeming to be entranced in a wistful and dreamy preoccupation. This rendition is rendered in a palette of muted grey and beige tones that emphasise the solemn expression of the subject. Embracing the unexpected and unpredictable outcomes of her multimedia approach, the artist indicates human attributes passion and fervour to produce a portrait that suffuses emotion. The thickness and texture achieved through the process gives the portrait a dynamism that transcends the painterly to assume a sculptural quality. This original artwork is hand signed by the artist and framed, ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 31 × 41 cm