Tower Bridge Forever


Oil paint on black and white photographic grisaille on canvas                      

92 x 146 cm


Contemporary landscape painter Carlos Arriaga captures beguiling reinterpretations of city panoramas. The artist portrays the urban characteristics of these vistas devoid of an implication of time and executed in a monochromatic, grisaille palette, focusing on creating compositions pulsating with colours and textures that suffuse a dreaminess. Rendered in layers of transparent glazes, these scenes demonstrate a realistically detailed juxtaposition of the natural and metropolitan, to evoke the diversity of a modern landscape that is dominated with both wild and architectural forces. Echoing medieval Flemish masters, the painter executes his reimagined landscape perspectives by applying 14th Century techniques to contemporary subject matter, suspending a unique spectacle in time to achieve an idyllic work of art. This original painting is painted in oils on canvas, hand signed by the artist and ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 92 × 146 cm