Bridget Bardot Biting Her Lip


Acrylic on canvas, palette Knife                            100 x 120 cm


Peter Engels was intrigued portraying Brigitte Bardot in this way, i.e. biting her lower lip. There’s something disarmingly girly, attractive and sexy about it. This is again a unique and non-existent image of the French actress from the sixties. Peter Engels made this painting in a beautiful colour combination of orange and teal. Lots of light and shadow and of course painted with the pallet knife for a lot of texture and contrast. The Belgian business magazine MYX got the scoop of being the first to publish it. The editors even put the painting on the cover and wrote a nice article about it. Brigitte Bardot herself congratulated Peter Engels on the series of portraits he painted of her.

Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 120 cm