Queen Elisabeth II


Acrylic on canvas                              100 x 120 cm



This original artwork by Peter Engels presents a revering portrait of the smiling Queen Elisabeth in celebration of the Jubilee. Conveying a tribute to 70 years of the queen, the artist employs stylish sepia tones using a palette knife, to produce a captivatingly textured and muted royal portrait. The artist creates an attractive impression of sunlight cast through tiny holes of the Queen’s sun hat, casting beautiful illuminating effects on her skin. Waving her gloved hand and exhibiting a joyful expression, this admiring work of art evokes the respectfully inviting temperament the country has come to associate her majesty with. In the background the artist renders the classically renowned ER crest, adding to the honourable homage the artist is suggesting. This piece is painted in acrylics on stretched canvas, hand signed by the artist and ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 100 × 120 cm