Central Resonance


Oil and copper leaf on canvas, 20cm framed                                  60 x 60 cm



This original artwork by Alison Johnson creates an emotively charged impression of a natural vista expressed in abstract forms and gestures. The expression of a landscape is divided through the centre by a resonant force which reaches the horizon line that demonstrates a suggestion of a poignant and thunderous sky-scape above. Combined with a rich palette of fervent hues, an greatly passionate image is implied. A spacious and atmospheric panorama is captured, creating a sensual and liberated expanse which is pleasing to view. Interesting textures permeate the piece, rendered through the artist’s mixed media approach combining oil paint and copper leaf. The indication of luminance in the composition is joyful to observe and has the potential to bring a subtle radiance to any space. This contemporary work of art is painted on stretched canvas, hand signed by the artist and framed, ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 60 × 60 cm