Chelsea Waterfront II


Oil on canvas                                 162 x 92 cm


Impressionist painter Juan del Pozo captures a bright waterscape panorama found in the stylish borough of Chelsea. The artist employs a palette of peachy and pastel tones to create an impression of the London vista, imbuing its recognisable skyline of modern architecture and the renowned River Thames with a whimsical and charming vibrancy. Rendered in a myriad of expressive impasto brushstrokes, the artist adopts the traditional painting technique to add a sense of vitality and energy to the scene represented. Combined with the colourful radiancy conveyed in the piece, the use of this gestural mark making creates an interesting merging of a contemporary landscape with an ode to Impressionist masters, making for a captivating work of art. This large-scale piece is painted in oils on stretched canvas, hand signed by the artist and ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 162 × 92 cm