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Clandestine Love

Mixed media on canvas, 7cm framed                                       81 x 91 cm



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91cm (w)

x 81cm (h)

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This mixed media piece by contemporary fine artist Diaro Vargas achieves the impressive guise of a Renaissance or Baroque painting whilst obscured, at further glance, by modern expressive abstract brushstrokes. The fluidity of the paint marks the artist has executed this piece with make a natural landscape almost decipherable. This vista elicits a reflective and introspective response from the viewer. Brush work is applied with liberation and a sense of certainty, conveying passionate emotion and limitless energy through a tessellating pattern of swift paint strokes. Invigorated with movement, figurative forms seem to morph and merge visually. This piece is charged with a harmonious colour palette of rich crimson, sienna and blue tones. Evincing a celebration of the impressive romantic compositions of old Masters’ and notable Renaissance paintings, the classically intricate accuracy applied to figures is brought to life with a myriad of gestures which dance together, producing a dynamic mental landscape that is rich in emotion. This original painting is on stretched canvas, hand signed by the artist, and framed, ready to be displayed. 

Dimensions 81 × 91 cm

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