The Spirit of the Earth


Oil and copper leaf on canvas, 20cm framed                                  60 x 60 cm


This original painting by Alison Johnson is a mixed media composition applying abstract expressionism to create an atmospheric image. The seductively gestural character of the mark making the artist has rendered conveys a greatly dramatic and emotive message. This fervent expression is employed using a combination of oils and copper leaf, creating interesting textures. Abstract and surreal forms suggest an influence of landscapes and the sky due to structural semblance, evoking the planet’s natural vivacity through swift brush work. With imparting of vibrancy and the impression of light in this piece, this painting has the potential to serve as a vibrant focal point in any room. This contemporary artwork is painted on stretched canvas, hand signed by the artist and framed, ready to be displayed.  

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Dimensions 60 × 60 cm