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Signet Contemporary Art London

La Cittá Perduta Di Atlantide

Acrylic on canvas                     80 x 70 cm




70cm (w)

x 80cm (h)

x 3cm (d)

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“The rich production of Luigi draws lifeblood from reason and instincts, so that from orientation to
the future and rooting in ancestral past, this tension between elements clearly to the antipodes, find his
equilibrium and his reason to be, in the continuous effort of research that the artist puts in his works. It’s
not about a research purely abstract, but, in reverse, of a continuous experimentation that begins from the
direct contact with matter. Matter intended both as complex of materials that the artist forge with his
creativity, and as like lived interior, that is what, once analysed and gutted, provides deep reasons to a a
continuous get back in the game.

Luigi has the really rare ability to restart from zero in front of the canvas. It is as if the artist would
challenge himself to always go further, as if how much realized until yesterday, as acquired, he perceived it
already passed. An experimentation that is at the same time scientific and emotional. This explains the
balance between rationality of shapes and chromatic instinct that Luigi can develop as distinctive sign of
his own art. Not by chance in his works coexist allusion to machinery and technologies of industrial type, as
well as recall to symbolism of unconscious or primitive matrix. This is the demonstration of the cultural and
psychological background of this artist that reveals his soul. A commitment lived in an absolute sense, as
total dedication of himself, also in small size works of art (that many important artist realize only as simple
divertissement). This let bode an evolutionary tension that will never end, to excellence levels that until
today we can only vaguely guess.”

This original abstract artwork by Luigi Profeta is painted in acrylic on canvas, hand signed by the artist and ready to be displayed.

Dimensions 80 × 70 × 3 cm

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