Nightfall, Regent Street


Oil on panel, on canvas                         61 x 86 cm


This original cityscape scene by Michael Alford depicts the familiar London thoroughfare of Regent Street and its busy atmosphere, even during a gloomy evening. The artist uses a palette of soft hues to pleasingly create the impression of dazzling city lighting which emits from the urban features and accents the surrounding architecture, giving the urban location a glowing radience that shines through a blanket of sulky evening mist. A classic impressionist approach is applied to the immersive, modern scene and contemporary figures that are situated throughout, producing impasto layers that create depth and echo the cities swarming energy through interesting textures. The subject matter of the capitols familiar features makes for the perfect artwork for those who feel a connection with the area. This piece is painted in oils on panel, hand signed by the artist and framed, ready to be displayed.

Additional information

Dimensions 61 × 86 cm