Acrylic on canvas                               80 x 80 cm



This original cubist artwork by Borja Guijarro depicts a composition of a mix of subject matter which is associated with the US capitol which is juxtaposed to evoke the rich character of the city. Presenting a painting abundant in expressive motifs, the artist employs an exciting merging of still life and architectural imagery as well as bold typography. The figuration blends together in cubist forms which are shaded and painted in a bright palette of tones which reflect the vibrant nature of the metropolis. Rendering geometric outlines and three dimensional forms, the artist achieves a dynamic energy within the piece which imparts the ambience of the New York landscape from many different perspectives, producing an artwork which exudes the style and attractiveness of the popular urban centre. This contemporary piece is painted in acrylic on stretched canvas, hand signed by the artist and ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 80 × 80 cm