Peachy Sunset Aura


Oil and copper leaf on canvas, 20cm framed                                  60 x 60 cm


This original abstract expressionist artwork by Alison Johnson imparts an emotionally charged impression of a landscape. The gestural paint work imbues the vista with a passionate energy, emphasised by a of a palette of animated peachy and pastel tones which combine to suggest a ardent expression. An impression of a horizon line through the centre indicates the separation between the natural environment and sky-scape, imbued with an abstract interpretation of mercurial, undulent clouds and wide, rolling pastures. This produces a pleasingly spacious and atmospheric scene which is joyful to observe. The artist renders a mixture of oils and copper leaf, creating interesting textures. This contemporary piece is painted on a stretched canvas, hand signed by the artist and framed, ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 60 × 60 cm