Revealed by the Tide 2


Acrylic, pastel and gold leaf on canvas                       101 x 101 cm


This original landscape painting by Magdalena Morey creates an impression of a natural vista using abstract forms and employing various media, including beguiling gold leaf. Offering a milieu of style and character, the artist applies a summery palette of light blue tones and vibrant colours that has calming and uplifting affects. Expressive brushwork is painted with liberation, amalgamated with the layering of colour and line, capturing a luminosity within the abstracted landscape, creating a dreamy atmosphere. Evoking a coastal setting, the rural image suffuses a gleeful effervescence and ethereality. Rendered with an exciting variety of acrylic, pastels and gold leaf, this artwork is painted on stretched canvas, hand signed by the artist and ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 101 × 101 cm