Shaftesbury Avenue


Oil on canvas                                          102 x 152 cm


Contemporary Canadian Realist painter Emilie Fantuz imparts a glowing cityscape rendition of the central London location of Shaftesbury Avenue captured during a dusky night. The artist creates a remarkably detailed impression of the various architectural elements, viewed from in an immersive street level perspective. Utilising nothing but a palette knife to employ realistically defined paint marks, the vista is imbued with beguiling expressive textures. Energetic and bustling even in the evening, the artist presents the chic and rich character of the urban centre, conveying a soft, vintage luminosity that suffuses throughout the whole scene, projected from shops, classic black cab headlights, street lights and billboards. This original work of art is painted in oils on canvas, hand signed by the artist and ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 102 × 152 cm