Ger Village


Oil on canvas                   120 x 140 cm


In this original artwork by Amarsanaa Galmandakh the artist depicts a traditional Mongolian village scene using modern stylistic techniques. The piece is imbued with radiance, combing various bright colours in the large planes of the background and details of the figurative forms situated throughout. The human form is rendered by the artist in traditional Mongolian dress which is enriched with an exciting palette of brilliant hues, showing the magnificent potential of colour. This painting demonstrates a juxtaposition of modern styles with unique elements of ancient art and historical and lifestyle themes, enriching our understanding of Mongolia. The exaggerated forms, cubist influences and decorative elements combine to portray the wonders of nature with a sense of awe and admiration. This is a refreshingly tangible and sensory depiction of a natural landscape. This piece is painted in oils on stretched canvas, signed and ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 120 × 140 cm