Devil Firefish


(L)33 x (H)52 x (W)57cm 
Original sculpture by Andrzej Szymczyk.


This contemporary marine sculpture by Andrzej Szymczyk depicts a Devil Firefish and is expertly cast in bronze. The free standing piece is finished with a golden hue coating, a hue reminiscent of the whimsicality of the natural ocean environment, and features impressively realistic anatomical details. The choice of this beautiful colour compliments the subject matter, giving it a shiny texture that magically catches the light. The artist has applied exquisite intricacy in describing the beautiful form and structure of the aquatic animal to create a highly desirable work of art. This original sculpture is limited edition of 3/8 and hand signed by the artist ready to be displayed.

Additional information

Dimensions 52 × 33 × 57 cm